Scientific Illustration

Scientific Illustration

Illustration services utilize talented, scientifically trained graphic designers to produce stunning and accurate illustrations, and each finished product is verified by a scientific advisor.

Our core services:

  • Graphical Abstract
  • Custom Scientific and Medical Illustration Service
  • Figure Formatting


Scientific infographics are one of the most concise and efficient ways to communicate new findings and deliver pertinent information. An effective graphical abstract is visually engaging for readers and enables them to understand the principal message of the paper very quickly, thus encouraging browsing, discussion, and citation.

Our team of innovative graphic designers can deliver a high-quality product both within your journal’s deadline and at an affordable cost.



Because of the unique nature of graphical abstracts, pricing varies by project with a starting price around $250-300.


Compelling and well-designed figures, diagrams, schematics, and flow charts are crucial to successful manuscript publication. However, these require professional expertise and undue effort. Let our team of scientific illustrators design and implement these items for you. Helppublish will render a clear and concise design and ensure that all content is accurate.

  • Scientists around the globe will love to use your figures in their talks.
  • Figures and schemes speak for themselves—more citations for your research paper
  • Visual resources for media reports—put your research in the public spotlight.


Because of the unique nature of custom illustration, pricing varies by project with a starting price around $75–100.

Prior to publication, a scientific paper’s figures must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the target journal, but different journals can have different formatting and style specifications. Our Figure Formatting service generates publication-ready figures from your files. This includes:

  • Construction of charts (bar graphs, line charts, scatter plots, etc.)
  • Generation of composite figures
  • Addition of annotations (text, arrows, lines, etc.) and modification of figure dimensions (limited by the resolution of the original figure)
  • Changes to file type, resolution, color, scale, line thickness, and layout (to improve readability and appearance).



$75 per figure, regardless of the number of panels or images it contains


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