Editing and Translation Services

Editing and Translation Services

Editing and translation services eliminate language barriers and help you meet the most stringent language and scientific standards of high-impact journals.

There are some core services.

  • Language Editing
  • Expert Scientific Editing
  • Translation

Sometimes, language deficiencies alone, rather than the quality of the study, can prevent the publication of a research article. No research team should leave reviewers with a substandard impression because of language problems that could have been fixed prior to submission. Helppublish’s language editing service helps international researchers eliminate language barriers and see their work recognized and published in prestigious journals worldwide.

All of our language editors are native English speakers with long-term experience writing, editing, and reviewing scientific and technical papers. They have professional or educational backgrounds in various fields, such as clinical trials, chemistry, physics, engineering, life sciences, and social sciences. With Helppublish’s language editing service, papers are matched to editors with relevant subject matter expertise who will repair typographical errors, correct grammar and punctuation, and rephrase with text that is more accurate, concise, and clear. After language editing is complete, the manuscript is sent for a final round of editing and thorough examination by one of our managing editors, to ensure quality.

Our editors’ mastery of the English language and their abundant experience editing journal articles will meet the strictest journal requirements, presenting papers in accurate, publication-ready English.


Our Service

  • Our editors will recommend appropriate words and phrasing, improve ambiguous syntax, fix typographical errors, and correct inaccurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • We also replace words and sentences with smoother, clearer, and more formal text as needed. Our goal is to help non-native English speakers reach a high level of excellence in their writing, which matches the high standard set by English language scientific journals.



Starting at $95


The Expert Scientific Editing Service is Helppublish’s premier manuscript editing service package. We ensure that each paper submitted for this service receives detailed revision and improvement advice from experts in the same field. The Expert Scientific Editing Service is performed in addition to the Language Editing Service. It not only ensures that the edited manuscript meets high writing standards in fluid native English but also includes detailed suggestions and revisions for the manuscript’s structure, scientific logic, and experimental design by a senior scientist in a corresponding discipline. The ultimate goal of Scientific Editing is to increase the likelihood of publication on the basis of available experimental results.

Our Expert Scientific Editing team brings together experts from the fields of clinical medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture, forestry, engineering, astronomy, earth and environmental sciences, humanities, commerce, and many other disciplines.

More importantly, these members have extensive experience publishing both research and review articles, and they often serve as reviewers or editors for various scientific journals. To further improve the quality of the manuscript, you have the opportunity engage in close communication with our editors.

Our professional editor will answer your questions regarding modification of your manuscript and provide constructive suggestions to improve its overall quality.


Our Service

  • Includes all items in the Language Editing Service package
  • Provides detailed subject-specific text modification
  • Provides constructive comments from experts in a relevant field, and places clients in close communication with our senior editors when needed.


Starting at $415


Researchers who are not native English speakers have to spend extra hours composing manuscripts in a language that is not their first language, at the expense of value-generating tasks such as applying for grants and designing and performing experiments. Helppublish’s Translation Service allows clients to conserve their time and energy by translating manuscripts written in the author’s native language into publication-ready English.

Helppublish’s translation team is composed of a network of researchers across many fields. Each manuscript is then passed on to a language editor who revises the wording to ensure that the paper reads naturally in English. Finally, each manuscript is reviewed by a managing editor to ensure quality.

Manuscripts are returned to the clients in excellent condition, and the manuscript retains accurate expression of the original arguments conclusions.


Our Service

  • Translates your manuscript into English with your intended meaning preserved
  • Includes all items in the Language Editing Service package



Starting at $148


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