Tạp chí không còn thuộc Embase (updated 5.2019)

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Embase titles discontinued per 2019Print ISSNElectronicISSN
British Journal of Cardiology09696113
British Journal of Pharmacy20588356
Cancer Breaking News22836594
Chung-Ang Journal of Medicine02536250
Farmaceutico Hospitales02144697
Genetics in the Third Millennium2423715924235873
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research09754725
Internet Journal of Third World Medicine15394646
Japanese Journal of Alcohol Studies and Drug Dependence13418963
Japanese Journal of Clinical Radiology00099252
Japanese Journal of Nephrology03852385
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine02552922
North American Journal of Medical Sciences2250154119472714
Orthopaedic Proceedings1358992X20494416
S.T.P. Pharma Pratiques11571497
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